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Using the CLI

Diversion offers two modes to work with the CLI, classic and interactive. In classic mode, use it as any other terminal tool - type the command with the appropriate arguments and execute it. To use the interactive mode, run dv and you will be presented with a friendly interface with suggestions and auto-completion, so you don’t have to memorize commands.

Get a copy of your repo

You can either create a new repo, or clone an existing repo. Clone means different things in different versioning systems, in Diversion clone means getting a local copy of some branch via a workspace, and keeping this copy synced bidirectionally with the cloud.

Commit your changes

After uploading some content or making changes to a workspace, we probably want to commit and make the content accessible in the branch we are working on. Assuming all files are required for the commit, run:

dv commit -a -m "[commit message]"

Alternatively to only commit some of the files, run:

dv commit [[file1] [file2] ...] -m "[commit message]"

Share your repo with a collaborator

Inviting someone to collaborate on a repo is simple even from the CLI:

dv invite

which will grant write access to the repo to the invitee. To share with different permissions run:

dv invite -access [READ|WRITE|ADMIN|OWNER]