Create a repo using the webapp

You can start using Diversion without any installations!


Open the app

Click Login at the top of this page


Sign up


Create a repo

Click on Create New Repository

Create Repo

Name the repo

Give your new repo a name and click Create

Repo Name

Use your new repo

You will be taken to a tutorial that takes you through installation instructions, to work from your local machine. You can skip those if you only want to use the webapp. Simply select the new repo from the dropdown menu at the top:

Select Repo

Upload a file to your repo

Uncommitted work is stored, and synced across devices, in workspaces. To start adding content to your repo:

Commit your changes

After uploading some content or making changes to a workspace, we probably want to commit and make the content accessible in the branch we are working on. Simply type a commit message describing your changes, select the files to commit, and click Commit:


Share your repo with a collaborator

Inviting someone to collaborate on a repo is simple:


Navigate to the repos page

Click the sloth icon at the top left corner, or click here


Open the repo settings

Click the gear icon next to the repo name

Repo Settings

Invite via email

Enter your collaborator’s email at the bottom of the modal, select the access level to grant, and click Send invite